Government Degree College


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Our vision

To develop the college into a multi-faceted educational institution that provides equitable and empowering quality education to the students in general and to those from the underprivileged sections of the society in particular for shaping them into intellectually competent and skilled, self reliant, morally upright and socially committed citizens.

Our Mision

To train all students through qualitative learning experiences for developing intellectual and practical capabilities, self-discipline, self-confidence, self reliance, compassion through a well designed curriculum that includes domain, general, global, extension and healthy practices.


  • To provide educational guidance and training to the students towards empowering them with knowledge, skills values, imagination and creativity
  • To train the students in a variety of other skills required for their career and life
  • To expose the students to global concepts and modern technologies
  • To inculcate a value system and healthy culture in the students for preparing them into better citizens
  • To make the students self reliant, confident, imaginative, creative and compassionate